Specsavers Hearing Centre, Long Eaton

4-6 High Street
Long Eaton
NG10 1LN

0115 946 0450


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9 months ago

I was under David Ormrod hearing support but they are no longer around so I was referred to Specsavers for my hearing aids. After a test, I had to wait just over a week for them to come. Within 2 weeks of having problems, I returned them as the settings were not right. I have had aid now for about 8 months (should have 2 aids but when visiting sons open day lecture he said to take them out they were whistling and causing him embarrassment, then when people were leaving one got lost).

I returned the aid numerous occasions but with no joy. I tried to complain but didn’t receive a call back. It’s very frustrating as I need to hear for work. I have had aids for around 20 years never had these problems. I’m not sure if it is the quality of the product or settings. NHS aids have always been ok before. On a positive note, staff are pleasant

2 years ago

I visited Specsavers Long Eaton for a hearing check and the (named) audiologist was so thorough and helpful I was very impressed. Instead of selling me expensive hearing aids she suggested I try NHS ones similar to the type I already use but as she said were much improved over the old ones. I heeded her advice and they are much better and no cost I cannot praise Specsavers and the audiologist enough.

3 years ago

After registering and saying I had a slightly sore ear I heard nothing for over a month. I phoned again and was told audiologist would call me back, but no one called. I rang again and eventually managed to make an appt. This was cancelled at the last minute and another date was made. This time I was given 2 new moulds which immediately caused discomfort.

When I next rang about this problem and also to ask for some batteries I was told batteries could not be posted but no appt. was made. I rang yet again and this time 2 packs of batteries were put in the post to me. I phoned again to say my ears were now very sore but I was fobbed off.

The district nurse saw me shortly after this last call as I am housebound and asked her to check my ears. She advised me to have them syringed and that I possibly had an infection caused by the moulds. I am waiting to have this done but also want to change my provider after this appalling aftercare.

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