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1 year ago

I went to collect my medication. Why have I been prescribed Frisium again?
I have quite enough. I have not requested any these last 2 months. Yet my family collected it for me.

Thank you anyway.
keep well

1 year ago

Whenever I deal with this surgery, they are fabulous!
The Reception team are very helpful, the nurses are very efficient and the doctors helpful in steering you to the right department, for referral or medication.
I consider myself very lucky to be registered with such a fabulous Medical Practice.

2 years ago

Rude staff no help phone pre book no good not working Rough treatment by doctors last visit

5 years ago

My mother is 83 with Alzheimer’s and has no mobility, she is only able to get about by wheelchair and by community buses with wheelchair access to the day centre. I normally liaise with the Community Matron regarding my mother’s welfare and I hadn’t had to call a doctor for a very long time. However, today a Community Matron wasn’t available so I asked for a doctors visit [named doctor] came out and his attitude was disgusting. He said he couldn’t see to my mother as the equipment required was in the surgery, I.e lights etc to give her a internal as she has a discharge again. My mum has been out of sorts and tired for a couple of weeks and for the past 4 days has been scratching her body until she has drawn blood. I am not a doctor but I am sure his response to myself and 2 carers was: What do you expect me to do? I told him to leave and I would speak to [named Community Matron] in the morning. All this is on CCTV and I am very upset and disgusted by the lack of duty of care shown. I have asked to speak to [other named Doctor] when she returns on Wednesday.


Staffa Health Tibshelf responded:

We are very sorry that you were dissatisfied with the care provided by Staffa Health on the 3rd October. We hope your mother is feeling better. We would like to explain the reasons for the suggestions that were made to you on the day. When the doctor visited you and your mother you told him your mother had a discharge which was not resolving and her swabs to date were negative. At her age this could signify serious pathology and therefore warranted a full examination. The doctor visited you late in the afternoon of that day due to your mother having been out of the house attending the day centre earlier that day. As the patient had just returned from the day centre the doctor attempted to explore the possibility of her coming to surgery with the necessary transport so that a full examination in a more appropriate environment with access to all of the right equipment could be undertaken. The doctor was told that this would not be possible. You then mentioned the itching your mother was suffering with and asked the doctor to do a blood test while he was there. Unfortunately the last delivery of blood samples to the hospital had left the surgery at 1:30pm and therefore if the blood had been taken that afternoon it would have clotted by the morning and be unsuitable for analysis. The doctor offered to do the test if the family or carers could take the sample to the laboratory but again was told this was not possible. You then asked for the test to be done the next day but said that it had to be at a fixed time. The doctor attempted to explain that he could arrange for this but couldn't promise a time as the District Nurses would have other calls. At this point the doctor was asked to leave. The doctor asked the Community Matron the following day to visit to make sure the patients care was not compromised in any way. We are sorry for any distress caused to you or the patient but feel the doctor’s suggestions were all aimed at a full and thorough assessment of the problem and to achieve the best quality of care for the patient, sometimes it is not always possible to deliver this in the home environment. If you would like to discuss your complaint further with us in person please do not hesitate to contact the Practice Manager on 01773 309040.

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