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4 years ago

My wheelchair-bound, disabled husband spent 11 days in an acute ward in Stepping Hill with an infection, and wasn’t got out of bed once during that time. Other men were sat on chairs at visiting time, but my husband was always in bed, even though I took in his wheelchair. I think that this is because he has to be hoisted, which takes time, and the staff either couldn’t be bothered or couldn’t spare the time. He isn’t incontinent, but had to wear pads all the time, when he should have had the opportunity to use a commode.
When he finally came home, he had lost his core strength, through lack of use, and had to be physically supported by carers when he used a toilet at home. He was also unable to hold his body straight in his wheelchair. It has taken him many weeks to recover.
I am very upset about this lack of care, but am not surprised, as I have found in the past that disabled people get a raw deal in hospital.

5 years ago

I would just like to thank everyone at Stepping hill hospital for looking after me so well on my short stay I would like to say a special thank you to [named] staff nurse and all the team on ward C6 you were all fantastic and made my stay a joy Thank you all xx

6 years ago

Referred to investigate swollen neck glands. Consultant acted immediately, thorough investigation and samples taken. Referred for an ultrasound and then MRI within days. Diagnosed with squamous cell cancer. Three days later I was being operated on and then passed over to The Christie.
The speed with which everything happened was truly outstanding and I believe went a long way in helping me to fight this disease. You could not get better care anywhere.

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