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The Stewart Medical Centre
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6 years ago

My daughter had an on-going cough. I called the surgery at 8am, had spoken to the Dr by 9am and had seen him by 11am. Very responsive.

6 years ago

I visited about 2 weeks ago and waited about 45 minutes for my appointment, I understand that the surgery is busy however I felt this was too long. Overall though, I have never had any other problems.

6 years ago

Called for advice for injections for my holiday – bit disappointed they couldn’t send me a form via email and I had to go and get the form in person

6 years ago

I rang up the doctors due to what I thought may be a chest infection, and I was told there was a 2-3 week waiting list. Any problems with my health need to be addressed within the week not 2-3.

6 years ago

I called one morning as I was in severe pain due to an ongoing condition, I was seen that day and cannot thank the doctor and team enough

6 years ago

I phoned the doctor because I had a growth on my neck which I was concerned about due to the rate it was growing and history of throat cancer in my family.

Within an hour I had a doctor phone me to talk through the issue and explain the possible causes and explained further symptoms to watch out for.

It saved me having to go to the doctors and put my mind at rest.

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