The Jessop Medical Practice

Jessop Medical Practice, Greenhill Primary Care Centre
Greenhill Lane, Leabrooks
Ripley, Alfreton
DE55 1LU


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3 years ago

I have multiple health issues. Moving from Doctor to Doctor was getting me nowhere. Since seeing the same Doctor I have found stability in my treatment and am progressing. [Named doctor] is very helpful and genuinely cares. She is knowledgeable and is helping me manage my situation.


The Jessop Medical Practice responded:

Thank you for the comment. It is difficult to comment on the exact circumstances without knowing who the patient is or any history, or whether they approached us regarding continuity of care. However, we do, especially when patients have difficult or complex problems or an on-going issue, try to ensure that patients see the same GP or health professional whenever this is possible. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible. We operate over two surgeries and in order to provide a fair service to all our patients, our GPs and other health care professionals all work across both surgeries. In addition we have staff who work part time, so this can also impact on continuity. If patients therefore wish to see a particular member of the clinical team at a chosen surgery then it may not always be possible within the timeframe needed, or they may have to wait a little longer in order to do so. We do try to encourage registration for on-line appointments as this may help them to book the appropriate appointments themselves, and we have increased the number of appointments that they are able to book at one time. I am though pleased to note that this patient appears to have found continuity with a GP who is providing the necessary care and help.

5 years ago

Went to the Ripley surgery for my routine cervical smear test. Appointment was on time, the nurse made me feel very comfortable and I was in and out of the surgery within 5 minutes. Excellent service as always.

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