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6 months ago

Have rang and rang to make an appointment for a flu jab for my elderly father in law, as instructed by letter. I rang 11 times in one morning, kept in a long queue each time, then no one answers the phone,! He has no other way of getting in touch, I dread to think what happens to all the elderly folk who have no one to help them. It’s very difficult as I’m at work too and holding on to a waiting call isn’t plausible. Can anyone suggest a solution please, thanks Cathy

5 years ago

Very difficult to get an appointment any time in the near future. It’s as though they expect you to predict when you’re going to be ill and need to see a doctor, obviously this is not realistic at all. Phoned on a Wednesday and there were no appointments, same again on the Thursday so I tried to book an appointment for Friday but I wasn’t allowed, I was told I have to phone on the Friday even though there were appointments available. I did this (as soon as they opened) and was told there were no appointments. I stated I was going away so needed to see somebody but was told there was nothing they could do. Three days I was told there were no appointments, or it wasn’t enough of an emergency to see a doctor so soon. As far as I know the doctors don’t answer the phones, the receptionists do and the last time I checked they weren’t qualified enough to decide whether it was enough of an emergency or not based on a 30 second phone call. If you call and ask for an appointment and there are ones available in my opinion you should be given one. I appreciate there are time wasters who exaggerate and have nothing better to do with their day so they have to be stricter with issuing appointments however the busy people who work and don’t have much spare time are the ones being penalised and being told they cannot see a doctor, when they do actually need to. Also, when you are late for an appointment, even when it’s through no fault of your own such as traffic, they are the first to threaten to not see you, however the past three times I have been I have had to wait for over 35 minutes past my appointment time, which tells me it’s ok for them to be late but not for the general public.
My experience with the doctors and nurses themselves has been great, I couldn’t fault the professionals. My main issue is with trying to get an appointment in the first place, I’ve never known such a simple task be made into something so difficult. But then again I think this is probably the case for all GP surgeries.

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