The Surgery @ Wheatbridge

The Surgery @ Wheatbridge
30 Wheatbridge Road
S40 2AB


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3 years ago

I’ve had an awful cough for 9 weeks now. Recently its gotten so bad that I’m not sleeping. Tonight will be day 4 of about 2 hours sleep. The Surgery at Wheatbridge have refused to give me anything to help until I’ve had a breath test & xray later this week… which means another week of no sleep at least, waiting for results. They refused me sleeping pills too. They’ve given me no advice either. They may as well have just shrugged their shoulders at me. I cant describe how frustrated I am with their lack of help.

3 years ago

Dr Spooner is great. I have a minor allergy problem and he is the first doctor that actually seemed to listen and understand the discomfort it was causing me rather than fobbing with another prescription. He offered me useful tips and advice for management of the problem.

4 years ago

Very good for people with learning disabilities.

5 years ago

It’s almost impossible to get an appointment. Although the doctor says we can make advance bookings, the reception staff say we can’t – until you tell them who said you should be able to.

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