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9 months ago

Positives –
Nice and calm environment to wait in for your appointment and have your therapy session in.
Staff at the Derby office seem friendly and polite, apart from the call centre staff.

Negatives –
– When you are asked to fill in an evaluation form of the session, this is done in the waiting room whilst your therapist is there. You feel obliged to give good feedback rather than being honest. I feel that you should be able to submit feedback after the session via a web link to an online survey. I would like to know what they are going to do about this.
– I was intending to book another session but was unsure if I’d be available on a date. The therapist reassured me that I could call them up and re-book. I ended up doing this and re-booked. After the second session, the same situation happened. This time, the therapist said that as I had will have ‘cancelled’ two appointments, they will have to discharge me from the service. At no point was I informed of this two strikes rule. Aside from the lack of information about this, I was initially reassured that I could call them up to re-book it. Why did the therapist tell me this in the first place if she knew it would be classed as one of the ‘strikes’. I would like to receive their policy via email on discharging patients due to these reasons.
– On the evaluation form after the session, it was asked if I was able to choose my therapy and select which one. At no point was I advised of the options during my initial appointment, the therapist told me that I would be receiving CBT, offering no alternatives. I didn’t feel CBT was right for me and would have benefited from something like art therapy. I would like to know when the options are meant to be discussed with you.
– Call centre staff can be a bit rude and abrupt with you. They don’t show care or compassion. They might need therapy too?!
– How are these services monitored? It seems like they only care about the numbers of patients they have rather than the quality of therapy.


Trent PTS responded:

We take complaints seriously and attempt to improve our service from feedback provided. All of our decisions are clinically led and based and aimed at effectively meeting the clients’ needs. We will review our policies and procedures to ensure that staff are clear with about our DNA Cancellation policy and communicate this clearly with clients. We work to ensure all clients are given the options available to them but that these are in line with NICE guidelines and evidence-based practice. We ensure the clients are able to choose from evidence-supported treatment options available but it appears on this occasion this was not clearly communicated to the client. We always seek to ensure that our feedback mechanism leaves us open to valuable criticism which we use to improve our service. We will look at whether we need to adapt our policy to ensure all clients are able to complete feedback without influence. There is an option noted that allows the client to keep feedback from the therapist. As to complaints about our reception and administration staff we would like to reassure you we expect our staff to treat clients with courtesy and respect. I can reassure you they receive training in customer service. We are commissioned via the Clinical Commissioning Group via Hardwick CCG and we provide monthly and quarterly updates measured against national targets for IAPT both in terms of quality and quantity of our work. Our recovery figurers as measured by standard IAPT minimum data set questionnaires on client progress. We have consistently been above the national average for IAPT services over the past ten years. Our customer satisfaction is very high in terms of feedback provided by our clients.

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