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4 years ago

I am contacting you in the hope that you can help me. I am unsure who to complain to and I’m unsure if anything can be done. I was prescribed a course of oxacillin and metrodonzole from my GP after I gained an infection in my womb after having the coil fitted. The prescription request was taken to the pharmacy located on site of my GP’s at Staffa Surgery which is called Well on Waverley Rd Tibshelf Alfreton Derbyshire. They charged me for the two items at £16.80. The course of antibiotics was incomplete they promised me they was expecting a delivery the following morning of more. They had given me enough for two days. I had to return for an early am appointment with my GP two days later so I decided because of being unwell to return the day I was there for my GP appointment. Unfortunately I was told to go to hospital from there as I needed me care than my GP could offer. I decided to nip next door to collect my remaining antibiotics, to be told they had rejected the batch and wouldn’t be getting them in at that moment. I explained I needed them I had no more and was going into hospital, they told me to go back to my gp to suggest an alternative. my GP told me there wasn’t an alternative and I needed to get to hospital and tell them I have no more of this medication and discuss this with them. I went back to the chemist to ask for a refund and I knew I would be charged again to which they refused and claimed it was not their fault it was a faulty batch. What’s worse is I was told by the surgery is the chemist will most like claim their money back for the remaining fee of the prescription for the entire amount of tablets despite the fact I haven’t received them all.
I was charged another £16.80 in hospital for more of oxacillin for the remaining 12days course and mefenic acid on my discharge from hospital. It has really made me quite angry that I feel there is nothing I can do about this and on the belief they will claim back for what I didn’t receive, I feel angry they can do this and because I feel robbed, why should they recieve money back and make even more profit


Well Tibshelf responded:

Thank you for letting us know what your experience at our Tibshelf branch. Please accept our sincere apologies for the upset and inconvenience caused and I do hope that you are now feeling better. Following receipt of your feedback, we have informed the Regional Development Manager responsible for this branch to follow up with the branch team. It is very disappointing to hear that the branch team did not process the refund under the circumstances that you were having. I can assure you that we have provided feedback to the team and we are confident that the situation will be handled differently if a similar situation arises in the future. We would like to arrange a gesture of goodwill for the upset and inconvenience caused. Please kindly email yourexperience@well.co.uk so that we can arrange this for you.

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