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6 months ago

The quality of the service especially from GPs is poor, to the point that they genuinely don’t care. Their general practice is more focused on browsing on the PC for meds, if it comes to examination the doctors don’t do the most basic checks – it feels more like a chat with someone who doesn’t like you than with a professional and the most advisable thing is paracetamol – it’s just so wrong.

2 years ago

On two occasions now my psychiatrist has written to my GP at the surgery with instructions on what she wants them to do regarding my care and medication. On both occasions the surgery has refused to follow the instructions given. When it comes to the care of mental health disability patients this GP surgery is awful. The most recent incident involved my psychiatrist requesting my GP to give me a prescription for diazepam and to put it on repeat. I’ve received a call from the surgery saying that they’re unwilling to do this. The previous incident involved my psychiatrist requesting a blood test and ECG, which the surgery refused to do.


West Hallam Medical Centre responded:

1. GP practices do not take instructions from Secondary Care. We work in unison with them, often providing Shared Care of complex patients. 2. It is no longer good and safe clinical practice to prescribe benzodiazepines (such as diazepam) on a repeat basis. While they do have a role in short-term management of symptoms, they are highly addictive and can cause significant long-term harm. We always request Psychiatry to provide such repeat prescriptions if they feel they are clinically appropriate. 3. With regard to physical test (bloods and ECG), the responsibility for ordering and actioning such tests lies with the requesting provider. All other secondary care clinicians order, arrange and interpret their own tests, so there is no reason for Psychiatry to be exempts from this. This is actually best practice and follows BMA guidance.

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