A guide to GP Services

The guide provides helpful information on all aspects of using GP services: from finding and choosing a practice and how to get the most out of a GP consultation to accessing health records and understanding patients’ rights and responsibilities.


Information on registering with a GP


Patient choice of GP practice (ability to register out of area)



Finding a GP Practice



Information for visitors from abroad about using the NHS



Checklist of what to ask the GP



GP Online Services




It’s Your Practice: A patient guide to GP services has been compiled by The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). The RCGP is a membership body of family doctors committed to delivering excellence in general practice and patient care, in the UK and overseas.



GPs charges for ‘fit notes’ (sick notes)

There is never a charge from a doctor for providing a fit note if you’re off sick from work for more than seven days.

For sickness of seven days or less, your GP practice may charge you to provide a private medical certificate.



Why GPs sometimes charge fees



What happens when you are referred by your GP to see a specialist?

This leaflet describes what you can expect to happen when your GP refers you to see a specialist or consultant, at a hospital or a community health centre.

Patient Referral Leaflet


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