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Oral Hygiene in Care Homes across Derbyshire

10 hours ago

King’s Mill Hospital

Can never get through to a clinic receptionist on the phone all the answer phones come one with messages

Oral Hygiene in Care Homes across Derbyshire

1 week ago

Chesterfield Royal Hospital

NGS Unit- The unit is a busy, nice and new unit, however despite feedback on this webpage from 4 months ago, and the unit now being officially opened , nothing has been implemented . Please could you advise when these measure will be put in pla ...


Chesterfield Royal Hospital has responded to this feedback:

Thank you for your feedback. Please be aware that we currently have a number of these issues under review and are trying to get these resolved as a matter of priority. Hooks for the toilet doors are on order so we are just waiting for them to b ... read more
Oral Hygiene in Care Homes across Derbyshire

2 weeks ago

Chesterfield Medical Partnership (Avondale Surgery)

I have been with this doctors for 44 years, it has got so bad that I am now changing to another. The staff are incompetent and rude and the parking is a joke. As for appointments they are non-existent.

Oral Hygiene in Care Homes across Derbyshire

3 weeks ago

Chesterfield Royal Hospital

A great BIG thank you to the A&E department and the mental health department. They spoke to me like a human being and they cared for my physical and my mental wellbeing.

Oral Hygiene in Care Homes across Derbyshire

An informational report on how the oral hygiene needs of residents/clients in care homes across Derbyshire are attended to, along with the challenges and barriers to delivering oral care and accessing dental healthcare services, from a resident/client and staff perspective.

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