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Farewell Message from CEO Karen Ritchie

2 weeks ago

DHU Health Care CIC (formerly Derbyshire Health United)

Seen very quickly when I needed help.

Farewell Message from CEO Karen Ritchie

2 weeks ago

Chesterfield Royal Hospital

I attended A & E following a fall at home. A&E has been revamped since I was last there. I was welcomed at the patients desk just inside the door and asked whether I wanted A&E or 111 GP support. I was directed to a triage person who ...


Chesterfield Royal Hospital has responded to this feedback:

It is always nice to hear positive feedback. The comment will be shared with the staff in ED and we are glad that the patient was happy with their care and swift consultation. read more
Farewell Message from CEO Karen Ritchie

2 weeks ago

Nottingham City Hospital

Stroke patient was unable to be transferred to a nursing home on Thursday 17th January 2019 due to a lift breakdown, she finally managed to go to Harvey 1 at 1.30am on Friday 18th January 2019. The staff were very caring especially the nurse w ...

Farewell Message from CEO Karen Ritchie

2 weeks ago

ICS Health & Wellbeing

I was referred onto the diabetes prevention programme after a blood test at my GP practice, at Wheatbridge, showed I was pre-diabetic. The programme I was on is run by ICS Health and Wellbeing, who are running many such courses in the area. It ...

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