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Farewell Message from CEO Karen Ritchie

1 week ago

Hannage Brook Medical Centre

Thoughtful and sympathetic advice on anxiety about my wife's cancer. Useful leads to get help and good advice about possible use of medication.

Farewell Message from CEO Karen Ritchie

2 weeks ago

Newbold Surgery

All the staff and doctors work tirelessly to offer a person-centered service, I have always been offered an appointment even on a Saturday!! despite being very busy, when you see the doctors they do not make this apparent by rushing you out of th ...

Farewell Message from CEO Karen Ritchie

2 weeks ago

Ripley Hospital

The new Phlebotomy clinic at Ripley is a let down. It's so badly organised. The entrance and exit to the clinic is right next to the ticket machine and water dispenser. Who decided on this arrangement, which interferes with all and sundry, com ...

Farewell Message from CEO Karen Ritchie

2 weeks ago

Bakewell Medical Centre

My husband, who is 74, does the sensible thing every winter and has a flu jab. He’s also had a one-off pneumonia jab in the past. In February he started suffering with cold-type symptoms, but tried to shake it off with fluids, over the counter r ...

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